Jon Paul Robbins is Widely Respected

Posted by Admin | May 22nd, 2012

New York is no place for a new lawyer to try to cut his teeth. It is a dog-eat-dog legal setting in which even the veterans sometimes struggle. Luckily, Jon Paul Robbins is widely respected as a legal mind in New York City and the surrounding area. He has worked in a number of law firms in New York City, all of them well respected. However, he is now working at McLaughlin & Stern LLP, which is a highly respected law firm where he handles civil litigation.

Jon Paul Robbins is not a newcomer to the New York City law field, which is a good thing. But there is a difference between time in a field and experience in a field. Robbins has spent time and gained experience, so he has both. He is a skilled litigator in any number of fields, too.